Confirmed: McLaren Out of 2007 Championship

McLaren have been excluded from the 2007 F1 Championship and have been fined $100 million USD. It is understood that drivers will retain their points accrued this season, but is unknown whether they may continue to accrue points for the season should they continue to drive for McLaren. Other measures include a ban on Constructor representatives from appearing during podium celebrations and a FIA audit on the design of their 2008 car, where any outside influences found would lead to further point deductions.

There will be considerable ramifications beyond these punishments. Constructors are awarded monies on a points basis at the end of each season, teams outside of the top ten will not be awarded such for two years.

The F1 community have reacted in shock to the announcement, and speaking with the BBC, Eddie Jordan said that the fine “doesn t bear any logic whatsoever” and that there seemed to be “one rule for one, one for another”. Although we all have yet to understand the evidence in the case against the Woking based team.

Speaking on the news, Sir Jackie Stewart said that there must be an “awful lot more in there than we’re aware of”. He went on to say that he was in “complete shock” of a decision that would have certainly “negatively impacted the sport”. Asked why the punishment was so great, the Scot said “something very strange is going on” and that the evidence “does not constitute a penalty of this scale”.

There will be a press conference held by McLaren representatives Ron Dennis and Norbert Haug at 19:15 UK time. McLaren are likely to appeal, but at this time Ferrari have provisionally won the 2007 F1 Constructors Championship.

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