Button concentrating on racing as Chinese GP looms large

buttonJenson Button is firmly concentrated on the racing this week as the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai approaches.

The Brawn star, who has taken two wins out of two so far this season, could well have been distracted by the ongoing diffuser debate which is due to reach its conclusion with an official FIA verdict in the next day or so. But the British star said he was only thinking about the on-track side of things.

“Looking ahead to next weekend, the Shanghai International Circuit is an enjoyable one for the drivers and a good technical challenge to find the right set-up.

“I particularly enjoy the high-speed sections and the overtaking opportunities going into the tight right-hander at turn five and at the end of the back straight.”

But the Somerset man said that Brawn’s competitors would be closing the gap at every opportunity, and that this was no time for resting on laurels.

“I am understandably delighted with how our season has begun. However we are only two races in and everyone at the team is aware that our competitors will not stand still. We fully expect a tough fight from here if we want to continue our early successes.”

The latest suspicion amongst team bosses and the press is that the FIA will rule the team’s diffuser – like that of Williams and Toyota – illegal, but will not annul the race results of Australia or Malaysia. While the two results standing would be of great cheer to the Brawn team, the fact that their budget is limited could adversely affect their development of a ”standard” diffuser for the next race.

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