Bridgestone wary at Montreal

The Canadian Grand Prix is reknowned for being hard on tyres. A 70-lap high-speed race interspersed with tight hair pins and slow corners promoting heavy braking make it tough on the Formula 1 tyres. The last corner is known for being especially tough and has claimed several cars over the years.

Kees van de Grint, head of Bridgestone’s track engineering operations, said, “It is a big challenge for the teams as the brakes suffer a lot. There is a lot of heat generated and because of this, we can also expect high temperatures in the tyres.

“Similar to Monte Carlo, being more or less a street circuit, Montreal is not used many times so it is very dusty and slippery which is why we have opted for the soft and super soft compounds. It will be a bit of a challenge to make the tyres survive on this track, especially at the beginning of the weekend with the high speeds and the expected high temperatures.”

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