Briatore doesn’t believe Dennis

Flavio Briatore has once again spoken out over the espionage scandal currently hanging over McLaren suggesting that the only reason McLaren have been competitive this year is because of the Ferrari documents found and Mike Coughlan s home.

Briatore has said that he does not believe Ron Dennis when he says that only Coughlan knew about the documents, particularly as they should have been at a disadvantage because they had little knowledge about Bridgestone tyres.

“Had I only know Ferrari s weight distribution, or how big their tanks is, if I had a bit of those documents then we surely wouldn t be in this situation today,” Briatore told Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Dennis says he is immaculate but it is hard to believe him. No, I don t believe in his good faith in a team, everyone knows everything.”

Briatore also criticized the fact Coughlan has not yet been sacked from the McLaren team. “It s an extremely serious thing that he has not yet been fired,” he remarked. “All the team managers should say that in Formula 1, there s no more room for them.”

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