Brawn welcomes FIA ruling on diffusers

11Ross Brawn has welcomed the FIA’s decision to reject the protests from Ferrari, Renault and Red Bull Racing over the team’s double-decker diffuser design.

Following the hearing in Paris on Tuesday 14 April, the International Court of Appeal today confirmed that the Brawn GP team s BGP 001 car is fully compliant with the 2009 Formula One Technical Regulations.

Team Principal Ross Brawn said in a statement: “We are pleased with the decision reached by the International Court of Appeal today.”

“We respect the right of our competitors to query any design or concept used on our cars through the channels available to them.”

“The FIA Technical Department, the Stewards at the Australian and Malaysian Grands Prix and now five judges at the International Court of Appeal have confirmed our belief that our cars have always strictly complied with the 2009 Technical Regulations.

“The decision of the International Court of Appeal brings this matter to its conclusion and we look forward to continuing on the track the challenge of what has been a very exciting start to the 2009 FIA Formula One World Championship.”

Brawn GP and Jenson Button have dominated the opening two races of the 2009 Formula One season and are in a strong position to challenge for the title.

The ruling means that they can concentrate on developing other areas of the car while their rivals will be forced to play catch-up.

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