Brawn: we need clarity over Red Bull suspension legality

Ross Brawn has added his voice to the chorus of Red Bull Racing’s rivals, who believe there may be something suspect about the team’s suspension arrangement.

In recent days teams such as McLaren have been voicing concerns that Red Bull’s undertray structure may incorporare some kind of gas suspension, which would be lowered for qualifying to decrease ride height and raised for the race to allow for the extra weight of race fuel.

Ross Brawn today told Autosport that he would like to see the matter cleared up for everyone’s sake, because he believes adapting the suspension height between qualifying and the race would be illegal.

“I think we do need to tidy it up, in fairness to Red Bull because there are accusations being thrown around. It is very unfair,” he said.

“They have a very good car, and there is no evidence they are unnecessarily doing anything untoward. You can do things with tyre pressures between qualifying and the race which is a simple way of helping the situation but it is necessary for the FIA to just clarify where we stand.

“Our understanding I can’t remember the article exactly, but you are not allowed to make any suspension changes between qualifying and the race. Anything that influences the suspension, be it gas pressure, be it the intentional manipulation of temperature, would have that affect. I think we need Charlie [Whiting, FIA delegate]
to clarify that to get rid of the controversy.”

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