Brawn optimistic after first week at Honda

Ross Brawn, who recently returned to Formula One after a sabbatical year, has revealed his first impressions after a week of his new job at Honda have been positive in particular, he has been encouraged by the staff morale and the team s resources.

Brawn defected to Honda having spent 10 years at rival team Ferrari. Brawn has recently taken up the position of technical director at Honda and faces a monumental struggle to turn Honda s fortunes around and take them to the top of F1.

“I had some expectations, or rather some hopes, of what I would find at Honda when I was discussing my move with the Honda executives and Nick Fry,” Brawn explained. “They gave me a picture of the situation and I must say that what I found here is even better than they described.

“I am very happy about what I have discovered in my first week at Honda. For sure there is a huge challenge in front of all of us, but all the resources, all the tools are in place and the people are incredibly enthusiastic and committed to try and succeed in the future.”

Brawn explained that despite having a disastrous 2007 season, the Honda team were in good spirits and they were all looking forward to the future.

“Even with all the tools the most important thing you have in a team are the people,” he continued. “I came here and found people who are very keen and very ambitious for the future. Their enthusiasm was almost palpable. I did not have to face a demoralised workforce that would have been disappointing.”

Brawn refused to elaborate on what he believes were the critical failings at Honda during 2007 and would not be drawn on what he would be doing to help the team improve.

“It is too early to say, but what I want is that people come to me and tell me their ideas so that we discuss technical possibilities and give a consistent direction to the company from an engineering perspective.”

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