Bob Bell criticises FIA’s decision over McLaren

Renault technical director Bob Bell is not happy about the FIA’s decision to allow McLaren’s new rear wing.

McLaren new design gives the driver the option to close a vent in the cockpit which helps to stall the rear wing and therefore create less drag. The result is a higher top speed on the straights whilst retaining maximum downforce through the corners.

Most teams lodged an initial protest about the design but since the FIA’s decision to permit the wing, have accepted the decision without protest. However Bell is not happy.

“It is a complete joke,” he fumed at BBC Sport. “It has driven a horse and cart straight through the rule that teams cannot use moveable aerodynamic devices on their cars.

“It is fundamentally illegally. At a time when we are trying to cut costs, this will just start a new arms race.

“The FIA have acted irresponsibly. It’s going to cost everybody a lot of money. The governing body needs to be a lot stronger with these things.

“I think that it is ridiculous in this era where we are all trying to save money. We are restricted by the number of people that we can bring to the track, with mechanics working ridiculous hours at night to prepare the car.”

Despite his obvious unhappiness at the decision, Bell has admitted he isn’t sure if his team would consider another protest.

“I honestly couldn’t comment on that at this stage,” he said. “It’s obviously not out of the question that any team could protest at this stage.”

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