Bahrain hotel rates jump by 300%

Bahrain Grand Prix boss Martin whitaker has asked local hotels to not rip off visitors at the annual race. Hotel prices have been increased for the duration of the event by a massive 300% for a 3 star room. With more than two thousand rooms being needed for the Formula 1 personnel alone, and a shortage of hotels overall, local hotels have seized on the opportunity to make some fast cash.

Whitaker commented, “I think it is fair to say that a number of people do feel that the hotel prices are too expensive here for the Grand Prix. I think in a sense we have to be very careful we don’t cut off our noses to spite our face,” said Whiteaker. “I think it is important that we recognise that when people leave here they are going to talk about what happened to them when they were here. I want to make sure that people leave here having had a good time and that means that they didn’t feel they were ripped off. I think there are occasions, certainly during the Grand Prix, when there is a feeling that the hotel prices are too expensive. I think we must remember as a circuit and as hoteliers we have almost a social or community conscience, in the fact that this is our home and we need to use that to demonstrate what is great about Bahrain.”

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