Bahrain Grand Prix – Race Overview

Race Overview for the 2007 F1 Bahrain Grand Prix.

Alonso is slow away on the parade lap.

Lap 1 Alonso passes Raikkonen at turn four. Jenson Button tags David Coulthard s car and spins in front of an accident between Scott Speed and Christian Albers. Button and Speed retire, while the car of Albers limps back to the pits for a new nose.

Lap 2 Safety car deployed while the track is cleared.

Lap 3 Liuzzi pits and takes on fuel, switching strategy to one less stop and soft tyres.

Lap 4 Safety car returns to the pits, Hamilton fails to pass Massa down the main straight. Raikkonen sets fastest lap of the race so far, closing on Alonso.

Lap 5 Kimi closes the gap further on Fernando.

Lap 6 Raikkonen runs wide and loses time.

Lap 7 Hamilton s car showing blue smoke into turn one, as he did during qualifying. Liuzzi investigated for overtaking under the safety car.

Lap 9 Drive through for Liuzzi for overtaking under safety car. Hamilton sets fastest lap.

Lap 11 Hamilton continues to close down Massa. Alonso and Raikkonen fall away while the BMW of Heidfeld begins to close in.

Lap 14 After a couple of scruffy laps by Alonso, Raikkonen and Heidfeld follow closely.

Lap 15 Kovalainen is passed by Trulli for ninth as he struggles under braking, Coulthard is the next to challenge the Renault driver.

Lap 17 Wurz and Coulthard pit together, Coulthard holds position.

Lap 19 McLaren mechanics are ready, Hamilton pits. Rosberg again runs wide, this time aided by Kovalainen.

Lap 21 Massa pits, rejoins ahead of Lewis Hamilton, but behind Kubica.

Lap 22 Alonso pits. Liuzzi pulls into his pit garage with mechanical issues.

Lap 23 Raikkonen pits and takes track position ahead of Alonso. Heidfeld also pits, but rejoins behind the Spaniard.

Lap 26 Heidfeld closes in on the back of Alonso as Raikkonen pulls away.

Lap 27 Webber allows Coulthard through as an open fuel flap hampers his aerodynamics.

Lap 30 – Coulthard closes down Fisichella, passing him at turn one under braking.

Lap 31 – Heidfeld challenges Alonso through turns 2 and 3. The young German passes Alonso on the outside of turn 4, much to the excitement of his team.

Lap 34 Sato s engine lets go.

Lap 37 Coulthard retires following a pit stop with driveshaft failure, potentially a problem left over from his collision with Button on lap one.

Lap 40 Massa pits from the lead. Barrichello passes Schumacher.

Lap 41 Raikkonen pits, Hamilton leads his third consecutive Grand Prix. Heidfeld also pits.

Lap 42 Webber retires

Lap 43 Alonso pits and fails to beat Heidfeld.

Lap 44 Hamilton pits and rejoins ahead of Raikkonen.

Lap 52 Davidson retires, dragging oil around the racetrack.

Lap 57 Massa takes victory ahead of Hamilton, Raikkonen takes the final podium position, ahead of Heidfeld and Alonso.

Three drivers now share the lead of the World Championship on 22 points, Alonso, Raikkonen and Hamilton. McLaren lead Ferrari by 5 points, on 44.

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