A new bidder for Super Aguri?

Super AguriAccording to some news reports, the German automotive company the Weigl Group are about to put in bid for Super Aguri.

Having had their last bidders pull out at the last minute, the Super Aguri team have been in turmoil trying to secure their financial future. Since the deal with the Magma Group collapsed, the team have been working hard to find new investors.

It is understood that the Weigl Group are planning to offer the team around £6.5 million enough money to keep the team afloat for now until they can find a more long-term solution.

Super Aguri driver Anthony Davidson has always remained calm over the team s situation, focusing instead on the job at hand. But the cool Brit has finally spoken up and vented some of his frustrations at other drivers who don t seem to realise how good they have it.

David Coulthard has recently referred to the Japanese team as the “stupid Aguris” because they are frequently the backmarkers and are sometimes seen to get in the way when they are being lapped.

“They can shut up right now!” Davidson said. “When you can hardly see what the hell is going on because the car is shaking around so much and you are just focused on keeping the damn thing on the track, the last thing you can do is be bothered about others trying to lap you.

“I would love to swap cars with these drivers I really believe some of them would struggle – or even crack if they were in our position.”

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