Wurz on McLaren

Alex Wurz has stated that he believes Alonso will bounce back from his current clump in form in the next few grands prix. Alonso has had a tough few races, being beaten by not only Ferrari, but also his teammate, Lewis Hamilton. With the spotlight firmly on the youngster rather than himself, Alonso is believed to be slightly irked.

However, Williams driver Alex Wurz has said that Alonso is strong enough not to be rattled. “When you are a double world chamption and you have beaten Schumacher, I do not believe that you are afraid of anyone,” Wurz explained.

Wurz believes that Alonso’s current form and the fact Hamilton looks more settled is probably down to the fact Alonso is the ‘new boy’ whereas Lewis has been at McLaren for most of his racing career. “Lewis is new, but he has been with McLaren for many, many years, while Alonso has just joined the team.

“Honestly, I don’t think Alonso sees himself in a difficult situation. He knows that while Hamilton has arrived in a very strong way, honestly, he still has a long way to go before he is winning championships like Fernando.”

Wurz went on to add that the McLaren situation is probably partially mirrored at Ferrari where Massa appears to have a slight upper-hand over Kimi Raikkonen – again, this could be down to Massa’s history with the team, with Raikkonen being the newcomer.