Work finally resumes at 2012 US GP site

Construction has finally resumed after weeks of delays at the 2012 United States Grand Prix venue Circuit of the Americas.

There have been grave concerns about the health of the project recently, particularly as vertical construction of the actual circuit buildings and grandstands had still not begun just over a year before the inaugural race date.

But Max Chapman, the project’s construction manager, revealed on Tuesday that after weeks of almost no work at the site, “We just started back today”.

The Austin American Statesman newspaper said the work resumed after more than $100 million in construction contracts were authorised.

“That’s mechanical, electrical, concrete frame, all phases of the project,” confirmed Chapman. “It’s the last big piece.

“It (construction) was going great guns for a while. For the last couple of weeks, until we got our bookwork done, it was a trickle, and it slowed almost to a stop the last three or four days.”

He said the foundation of the main grandstand is due to be laid at the end of next week.

The first job will be trucking in new soil, with the laying of the crucial track asphalt not scheduled until after Christmas.


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