Webber slams ‘bike track’ Donington

Mark Webber has spoken out against the British Grand Prix being moved to Donington Park from 2010, which he derisively labelled a ‘bike track’.

The Australian, writing in his BBC column ahead of possibly the last Silverstone-hosted British GP ever, made it clear which British circuit he preferred.

“Donington Park, which has a contract to take over the race next year, is a bike track, so it’s a shame both categories are swapping because the bike guys love Donington and we love Silverstone. And the track changes they’re making at Donington are not going to make much difference,” wrote the Red Bull star, in typically candid form.

Webber went on to say that other venues also had their downsides, and he doubted if Silverstone was the worst.

“F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has made it clear he thinks the facilities at Silverstone are not up to scratch, but they are a whole lot better than Brazil. The traffic is better than Istanbul and China, so it’s a shame it won’t continue,” he added.

The man from Queanbeyan also highlighted the continued instability surrounding the Donington event, which has been dogged by legal problems.

“On top of that, Donington is looking a bit shaky so there might not even be a British Grand Prix next year. And that’s a concern,” he finished.