Webber: I’m not ruling out moving teams

Despite currently sitting at the top of the championship alongside team mate Sebastian Vettel and having won the last two races, Mark Webber has said that he is not ruling out a move to a different team come the end of the season.

Webber’s contract with Red Bull expires at the end of the 2010 season. Although the Australian driver has said he is happy with the team, he is not ruling out the possibility of changing teams next year. One possible option may be Ferrari – Felipe Massa’s contract with the scarlet-clad team also expires at the end of 2010 and there are murmurings in the paddock that Ferrari will not be renewing his contract.

“I’ve just won two races, back-to-back, and people are asking me where I’m going to drive next year,” Webber explained to The Mail on Sunday.

“I’m very close to the guys at Red Bull, we’ve been through a lot and I have a great relationship with them. Yet things happen and change very fast in this business and you never know what’s around the corner.

“At the moment, I’m only thinking about the next race, in Turkey next weekend. The rest will take care of itself. There are hundreds of points up for grabs and I’m concentrating on the job in hand. I imagine the picture will be clearer in another six weeks or so. But what matters most is I still have a great desire driving me.

“It seems a lot of people watch the Monaco Grand Prix! I suppose it’s amazing because, only three or four weeks ago, everyone was talking about the dream team at McLaren or Michael [Schumacher] doing this or that. But I’m not getting carried away; our sport changes in a flash.

“It struck me that, at that dinner with the Prince, I was part of history. I’ll never forget them peeling back the roof of the building for a fireworks display. It was a great conclusion to what had been a unique, dramatic week in my life.

“I drove round the track again in my road car looking to see where the rubber was, just taking in the moment. The last time I’d driven it, I’d been pretty wired! I am not one for the glitz or glamour, but I know how tough it is to win there. A small error and your race is over. I just wanted another look on Monday.”