Unrepentant Vettel says team don’t favour him

Sebastian Vettel today showed no remorse for the accident which ended his Turkish Grand Prix, and stated that his team gave both drivers an equal footing.

The German collided with team-mate Mark Webber on lap 40 at Istanbul Park, and despite protestations that the team has dealt with the inter-team ructions the crash caused, the controversy refuses to go away.

“There is not too much to explain. It all happened fairly quickly,” Vettel told the BBC about the accident. “I got a very good run out of the corner leading on to the back straight, got a big tow. Then I was going on the inside.”

Vettel said that the key part of the incident for him was that he felt entitled to move back across.

“I had already passed Mark and then obviously tried to come slowly back to the right. At that time I was the leading car so usually then the leader dictates when to go. All of a sudden we made contact and that was the end of the race for me.”

Vettel initially had the support of his team in public over the crash, although they later recanted from the position. That led many to allege that the team was preferring Vettel over Webber. But today Vettel was quick to point out that neither driver was being favoured.

“I don’t think [so], and also we have been discussing internally obviously, there is neither driver, Mark nor myself, being favoured in any way. We go out and try to find out who is the better one, like it should be.”

“There are a lot of races to come and a lot of things to happen – the most important thing to happen is to keep looking forward.”