Todt releases FIA election manifesto

FIA Presidential candidate, Jean Todt has released his election manifesto, promising a complete review of the governing body and to introduce commissioners to oversee the running of FIA-coordinated World Championships.

Todt, who will stand against former World Rally Champion, Ari Vatanen, in the October election, has highlighted a number of key themes behind his campaign. These include: affordability and competition, innovation and excellence, and teamwork and co-operation.

“Over the next four years, the FIA should seek to build on its strengths, but also be ready to adapt its management and decision-making structures to make them more cost-effective, responsive and transparent,” Todt’s manifesto reads.

“We propose a thorough review of the FIA statutes to adapt and modernise where necessary the Federation’s structure and rules.”

If elected, the Frenchman has proposed the creation of comissioners to oversee the day-to-day running of each World Championship, thus removing the need for the President to be as hands on and allowing him to concentrate more on the management side of the FIA itself.

“The commissioner will represent the FIA in all regulatory and commercial issues relating to the championship, reporting to the World Council and relevant sporting commissions,” says the manifesto.

“A system of commissioners will reduce the need for the FIA president, or deputy, to become directly involved in any particular championship and give more time to the leadership to concentrate on the strategic management of the FIA as a whole embracing the twin pillars of both mobility and motor sport.”

The former Ferrari boss has also proposed a radical restructuring of the way in which racing stewards operate. Such measures would include the creation of a Stewards Review Group and a disciplinary panel in place of the World Motor Sport Council.

“[It will] examine improvements to the stewarding system of the FIA’s major championships and also explore the development of stewards training courses to encourage their professional development,” reads the manifesto.

“Traditionally the World Motor Sport Council has taken a direct role in investigating, and deciding on disciplinary matters referred to it under the International Sporting Code. Such cases can be both very time consuming, and controversial.

“Given that the World Council is the principle executive arm of the FIA’s system of governance, we propose that a separate Disciplinary Panel be established which will carry out investigations, hold hearings and recommended possible penalties to the World Council.

“This will ensure that there is a greater separation between the disciplinary process and the World Council while retaining the latter’s final authority over any possible sanction.”

With this, Todt is confident that his proposals will win over the support of FIA member clubs, all over the globe.

“We have established an important dialogue with the FIA membership and other stakeholders in the motorsport and mobility sectors,” he said. “We are convinced that our team and our policies give the FIA the opportunity to refresh its structures, and rededicate itself to serving its members.”

Full details of Todt’s manifesto can be found here

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