Third cars would disadvantage new teams more, say McLaren

McLaren have said any move to run a third car at race weekends would further disadvantage newer teams.

During a phone-in with journalists this morning, Martin Whitmarsh said that his team and a few others would be prepared to run another driver, although he admitted the matter had not been tabled inside FOTA. But he pointed out that the idea would mean that newer cars fell further behind, potentially reducing their financial gain.

“FOTA is working hard to find ways in which we can encourage and allow all of the teams that are currently members to develop and flourish.”

“If you introduce a third car – McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes would all be probably happy to – I think in fairness to the smaller teams it would only disadvantage them further.”

Whitmarsh went on to stress that if there were fewer teams, his team would be right behind the idea, of which Ferrari in particular have been vocal supporters.

“I think that in the event that the number of teams in the sport dropped below ten, and at the moment we are hoping it is 13 next year, then it would be a fantastic opportunity.

“I think if we then attached the third car to some regulations that encouraged some of these very competent but non-F1 experts to participate I think it would create some interesting spectacle and public interest.”