Theissen: We are working on a diffuser

p90044825-zoomBMW boss Mario Theissen has admitted that his team are already working on a new diffuser for their Formula One car in case the Court of Appeal finds the design legal next week.

BMW are one of a handful of F1 teams who have complained that the diffusers that Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams are running are illegal. Next week, the Court of Appeal will decide whether the diffusers are legal or not. BMW are taking no chances and in the case that the diffusers are declared legal, they will already have made significant headway on their own version.

So far, the diffusers look to be a critical part of F1 cars with two of the three teams running the technology looking to have a significant advantage Brawn GP have won in both Australia and Malaysia and Toyota are also running well. However should the diffusers be deemed illegal, it is possible that Jenson Button will be stripped of his race wins this season.

“Two of the three teams with a two-stage diffuser are clearly quicker,” Theissen explained to Reuters. “Brawn as number one and then Toyota.

“Everybody (is working on their own). We cannot sit back and wait until the Court of Appeal if held and we have a decision. We have to work on it and we are spending money on it.

“The sooner it is sorted out, the better. But you cannot expect to make up for such a big gap within a few weeks. And it is clear that the teams that have it already are developing their cars as well.”

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