Teams undecided on F-duct use for Monza

Several teams are as yet undecided whether to use their ‘F-duct’ device for Monza.

The high-speed nature of the track has led many teams to the conclusion that there would be a distinct advantage in running the system, which stalls the rear wing at speed and decreases drag, resulting in a straightline speed increase.

But others, like Renault, reckon Monza is quite a complex track for downforce, and that using the F-duct might not be such a good idea.

“Monza is very different from all the other circuits and so we have had to prepare a bespoke package that we will not use anywhere else,” Renault technical director James Allison is quoted as saying by Autosport.

“Monza has such long straights and so few corners that it requires much smaller wings than any other track. To add further complication, the F-duct is a potential alternative option for Monza.

“Like several other teams, we too are evaluating whether we can make the device work in the particular, low-downforce environment of Monza.”

Williams, meanwhile, cannot see why teams would not run it..

“I don’t really understand why there is an F-duct issue [for Monza],” said technical boss Sam Michael. “On the Monza wing we’ve got, there is a massive drag difference. I don’t know why you would never do it.

“There is this debate that as you take drag off, it becomes less of a delta. That is true, but it is still a stalled wing so if the wing stalls then it stalls for us it is a no brainer. I think everyone will run it.”

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