Symonds and FIA interview transcript

This is the leaked transcript of the interview between the FIA and Pat Symonds that took place on the weekend of the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa-Francorchamps.

The transcript was published in The Times and in it Symonds refused to deny that the team had instructed Nelson Piquet Jnr. to crash his car in the Singapore Grand Prix to help Fernando Alonso win.

Investigator: “What do you recall being said to Nelson Piquet Jr at that meeting? This is shortly before the race.”

Symonds: “I don’t really remember.”

Investigator: “You don’t really remember?”

Symonds: “No.”

Investigator: “Nelson Piquet Jr says he was asked by you to cause a deliberate crash. Is that true?”

Symonds: “Nelson spoke to me the day before and suggested that. That’s all I’d really like to say.”

Investigator: “Mr. Symonds, are you aware that there was going to be a crash on lap 14?”

Symonds: “I don’t want to answer that question.”

Investigator: “Mr. Piquet Jr says, having had the initial meeting with you and Flavio Briatore, you then met with him individually with the map of the circuit. Do you remember that?”

Symonds: “I won’t answer. Rather not answer that. I don’t recall it, but it sounds like Nelson’s talked a lot more about it.”

Investigator: “Mr. Piquet Jr also says that at that meeting, you pointed out a specific place on the circuit where he was to have the accident and said it was because it was the furthest away from any of the safety or lifting equipment, and gave the most likely chance of a safety car being deployed.”

Symonds: “I don’t…I don’t want to answer that question.”