Stepney: I am innocent

FerrariNigel Stepney is currently under investigation for ‘doctoring’ fuel tanks. Apparently, before last month’s Monte Carlo Grand Prix, a mystery powder was found in the fuel tanks of the cars and this is purported to have slowed them down during the race.

Stepney denies any wrong-doing however police have already searched his home and took traces of a substance for tests. Stepney is currently on holiday in the Phillipines and through his lawyer said, “I am innocent. I have done nothing wrong.” His lawyer Sonia Bartolini added, “He wishes to make clear that he has nothing to do with this and is not guilty of anything. He is very keep to return to Italy and clear his name.”

Stepney is concerned that is being targetted as a part of a ‘dirty tricks campaign’. Speaking to newspaper The Sunday Times, he said, “I have confidence I will be cleared bt the legal process that is now taking place. It is just part of a dirty tricks campaign and everything is in the hands of my lawyer so we will wait and see what happens.”

Stepney is particuarly puzzled by Ferrari’s claims, along with the Italian police, that he is uncontactable. “I am on a planned holiday with Ash and our baby. Why would anyone say I am not contactable? I booked the flights through the Ferrari travel office. They know where I am.”

Jean Todt has spoken our over the claims, rebutting Stepney’s denial of wrong-doing. Speaking to Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, Todt said, “The fact that we requested the intervention of the public prosecutor’s office demonstrates we have discovered something unlawful.” Asked about whether the complaint was sabotage, Todt said “I will not comment on that at the moment.”

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