Some F1 drivers to lose licenses?

The FIA’s president Max Mosley has reiterated his threat to strip some of Formula 1’s driver’s Super Licenses over arguments about safety in the sport.

Earlier this year, the GPDA angered Mosley by complaining about safety at Monza. Now, the drivers are threatening to boycott tests because of lagging safety. In his latest column for magazine F1 racing, Mosley has said that they will always listen to the drivers’ views, however the final decision would always lie with the FIA. He also said that he would have no qualms if they had to lose a race or two, or remove a few licenses to make a point as it would be better for Formula 1 in the long-term.

The warning comes are David Coulthard insisted that the GPDA would not be intimidated by the FIA. Mosley has responded by saying that it wasn’t “the most intelligent of responses, you may think, to a gentle warning. We obviously cannot have two bodies telling circuits what is required.”

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