Silverstone ‘Arena’ modifications imminent

Silverstone’s plans to modify and develop its circuit for the 21st century are closer than ever before, reports indicated today. The British ‘home of motorsport’ has long come under fire for the standard of its facilities, although with a new long-term deal from Bernie Ecclestone under its belt, plans are coming along nicely.

The track’s management have planned what they call an ‘Arena’ version of the circuit, which is to include a widened start-finish straight and an improved infield section. The grandstands and crowd facilities are also being rebuilt and modernised, with the aim of giving Silverstone a more modern feel. But it has not all yet been finalised.

“It’s yet to be decided [100%],” managing director Richard Phillips. told AUTOSPORT during a site visit to the Silverstone works. “We need approval from three sides. So far two have said yes and one [Ecclestone] says maybe, so we’ll work on that.

“Allsport [F1’s corporate hospitality company] has said yes. And while the FIA needs to homologate the new track of course, it is happy with the plan in principle.”