Sepang testing news

McLaren driver will miss the testing session at Sepang next week. Instead, Lewis Hamilton and test driver Pedro de la Rosa will be testing the cars at the Malaysian circuit.

Alonso will not be the only missing face in testing – the Spyker team has also decided to skip the Sepang test. Spyker will be the only team not running at the session. The Sepang session was meant to plug the tough logisitcal three week gap between the first two rounds of the 2007 season, however Spyker have decided they would be better off focusing on preparations for Malaysia in their UK base.

Following hospitalization after the season-opener, Anthony Davidson is predicted to be fit enough to test and race at Sepang. The overnight stay in hospital was merely a precaation and he was not seriously injured – Davidson sustained a slight upper torso muscle injury. He will have to take a fitness assessment this weekend to ensure he is fully fit before flying across to Malaysia.