Senna: to be here is a dream come true

Bruno Senna has said that just having got to Bahrain is a dream come true for him.

After months of uncertainty over whether his HRT team would make it to the first grand prix, Senna is preparing for his first grand prix in Bahrain at the moment.

“It’s the start of a dream come true for me.

“I have had a pretty tough year so far, starting from the end of 2008 all the way to this year, where things have got there only to be taken away,” said the 26-year-old.

The Brazilian added that the most frustrating part of the tortuous ‘will they, won’t they’ saga was that it had been out of his control.

“It was starting to go that way this year and it was hard to accept because it’s one thing when you do something wrong and things go wrong [like] if I am not quick enough, if I make a mistake on the track I lost my chance. It’s another thing when everything is outside your control and it veers off in a direction that you just can’t recover. I’m very glad to be here and very thankful to be here.”

Senna will treat the Friday practice session as a shakedown of the new car, which will be run for the first time in anger tomorrow.

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