Renault contemplating KERS for Monza

Renault technical director Bob Bell has hinted that the R29 might have KERS reinstalled on it in the near future.

Although Renault have ruled out adding KERS back to the R29 in time for the Belgian Grand Prix, Bell has said that they are considering using KERS for Monza as the long circuit s long straights are well suited to cars with the energy recovery system.

“We are always adding new developments,” Bell explained to GMM. “As for KERS, we aren t planning to use it in Spa but we are considering it for Monza as we believe it will provide a real advantage there.”

By fitting KERS to Renault s R29, the car could see an extra 80 horsepower boost from the system. The team abandoned the energy recover technology earlier this year however the compromises of running KERS will probably be outweighed by the advantages on a track such as Monza which has long straights.

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