Quesnel drops Raikkonen-Citroen WRC hints

Kimi RaikkonenCitroen Sport director Olivier Quesnel has hinted that Kimi Raikkonen could be racing in the WRC in his year out from Formula One.

When news broke that Kimi Raikkonen was to take a one year sabbatical from the sport, many believed that Raikkonen would use his year out to pursue other racing interests – more specifically rallying thanks to his impressive debut in the WRC earlier in the year.

Although Raikkonen has yet to confirm what his plans are for 2010, in an interview with Radio station Radio-France, Quesnel hinted that WRC was the Finn’s most likely destination.

Quesnel explained that the rumours surrounding Raikkonen’s 2010 WRC plans are more than just a rumour and are a real possibility, although he did admit that he has yet to speak to Raikkonen and he doesn’t believe a deal has been signed yet.

During the interview, he also praised Raikkonen calling him an “incredible driver” who did an amazing job in his WRC debut earlier this year.

He also revealed that it Raikkonen did join Citroen’s WRC team, he would not be racing alongside Sebastien Loeb in the official team – rather, he would be racing in the junior team although he would still be driving a fully specced Citroen C4.

5 thoughts on “Quesnel drops Raikkonen-Citroen WRC hints”

  1. this is rubish, raikkonen racing in the junior team although he would still be driving a fully specced Citroen C4. to qualify for the JUNIOR team you must be below 28 years old. Raikkonen is already 30 yrs old so this article is rubbish. Comón please right a decent article so we will have faith in you.

  2. nelmc: you make a very valid point. However Quesnel said, “Dans tous les cas, ce ne sera pas dans le team officiel mais dans le Junior Team”

    Perhaps Quesnel does not know Raikkonen’s age?

  3. The ‘Juniour WRC’ is limited to drivers under 28years old not the Citroën Junior Team that competes in the WRC!!!

  4. I think you will all find that the Citroen Junior team has nothing to do with the Junior World Rally Championship.

    If nelmec or smithy had simply checked the 2009 entry list then they would have noticed that the Citroen Junior team is actually the French Marques’ second team. Almost their “B” team in the World Rally Championship.

    Ford have exactly the same set up with BP Ford Abu Dhabi World Rally Team being the main squad and M-Sport also running a second set of Focus’s under the banner of Stobart VK M-Sport Ford Rally Team.

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