Qualification is the biggest test

McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton has said that he feels that qualifying will be the hardest part of his Formula 1 debut in Melbourne. “I think maybe qualifying is going to be the biggest test – it’s a little bit rushed, making sure you go out at the right time and you don’t get stuck in traffic,” Hamilton explained.

“I don’t know the circuit so I’ve got to make sure I get plenty of mileage on Friday. But, as I said, take it easy and get some points – that would be great. If I finish the race and get some points, I’ll be happy. I think I’m very well prepared.

“I’ve done a lot of mileage; I’ve been working for this for many years and we’ve had plenty of time to acclimatise to being here in Australia and to the new car. There’s nothing I don’t know about the car. But, obviously it’s still a steel learning curve going to your first race – it’s different to testing.

“But I’m not worried about it – I’m jut going to enjoy it, absorb it all and see what happens this weekend.”