Prodrive to be unveiled at Silverstone

New F1 team Prodrive are planning to unveil their new Formula 1 team structure at this year’s British Grand Prix. Team boss David Richards is in Bahrain this weekend, having just made a visit to Kuwait, and explained to reporters that Prodrive news was currently in short supply because his focus had been on the buyout of Aston Martin. “But we are perfectly on target,” Richards is quoted as saying.

The rumours are that McLaren and Mercedes may be supplying both the car and engine to the Prodrive team, however nothing has been confirmed as yet.

Richards remains coy about any details on the team structure or suppliers, merely saying that a full announcement was being prepared for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone – probably including supplier information, sponsors and possibly even driver line-up.

The only detail Richards would be drawn on was the fact the team would not be branded under the Aston Martin name next year, however he is not ruling out a collaboration in the future. “Who knows?” he questioned. “Five years down the line, it might be appropriate.”