Piquet Snr. approached FIA last year

Nelson Piquet Sr. says he first told the FIA about his son’s claims of race fixing in the Singapore Grand Prix as early as last year’s Brazilian Grand Prix, but no action was taken since the allegations had to come from Piquet Jnr. himself.

Extracts from an interview between Piquet Snr. and Quest investigators in August this year have been appearing in the media ahead of the World Motorsport Council meeting on Monday. In the interview Piquet Snr. reveals that he approached F1 race director Charlie Whiting with the claims at last year’s finale in Brazil.

These are the interview extracts as they appear in the Daily Mirror:

“When this thing happened in Singapore I couldn’t believe it. I’d done motor racing for all my life,” Piquet was quoted as saying.

“I couldn’t believe this thing. And after I called Nelson and Nelson said yes they asked me if I could help and this and that. I said ‘but you could have hurt yourself and if you didn’t hurt yourself you could have hurt somebody else’ and he said ‘yeah, I know it’s wrong’ but anyway.

“Anyway in Brazil I talk to Charlie.”

He added: “I got him and I said ‘look, what could happen to Nelson if I bring this up?’ And I was afraid to screw up the career of Nelson.”