Piero Ferrari explains his team’s position

FerrariPiero Ferrari has waded into the debate about the FIA’s rule changes for 2010, promising that the team which carries his name are serious about their threat to withdraw from F1.

Piero, son of the legendary Enzo Ferrari and owner of 10% of the company, decried the budget cap and echoed the sentiments of many team principals.

“Our first objection is to the budget cap, which we don’t believe it’s possible to control. The second is that it is wrong that a team accepting the budget cap has more freedom and different technical regulations,” he is quoted as saying by the Guardian.

“Everybody on the grid has to start with the same rules, otherwise there’s no ­competition and it’s somebody else ­deciding who’s going to win.”

Most observers consider that the extra technical freedom permitted to teams agreeing to the budget cap would effectively convert those teams into winners. While few details are forthcoming about the exact nature of the difference between the sets of rules, it is thought that any discrepancy of note would result in a considerable aerodynamic and thus performance advantage.

Mr Ferrari went on to say that the Italian marque could prosper in another series, in the event that it left Formula One. He insisted, however, that the other series would have to have the same rules for all.

“I strongly believe that if you look at the past of Ferrari, today’s image is born from victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and sports and GT racing. Racing is in the DNA of Ferrari.

“My father started the business making and selling racing cars. We cannot forget our beginnings and the passion of my father is still in the company. ­Everybody in the company loves racing but we want racing with clear rules and starting from the same point. The same rules for everybody.”