More tension at McLaren?

McLarenAccording to reports, Fernando Alonso is reluctant to share his telemetry and setup data with his team mate, who is currently leading the drivers championship by eight points. Hamilton apparently studies Alonso’s braking points, turns and every driving detail and Alonso has admitted that this is one of the things that makes him feel uncomfortable at the team. “All of my data and also that of Pedro is available to him, and I am sure that it is a help to him,” Alonso said.  

Meanwhile, it seems some commentators are trying to stir things up. Commentators at the weekend’s race claimed that Fernando Alonso swerved at the pit wall to ‘send a message’ to his McLaren team. After several replays, some suggested that he also shook his fist after failing to overtake his team mate on the track. However, Alonso claims he ‘swerved’ in order to cool his car. “I followed so many laps that my overalls were black from the carbon brakes,” Alonso explained.  “I think my brakes and all of my car was hotter than normal, so I tried to pull away from the slipstream sometimes just to cool the car.”

Despite his concerns over his team, Alonso still has confidence over that he is in with a chance of the championship. “I think we knew from the winter tests that Lewis was very quick and was close on times compared with Pedro and me. There are no big differences between the three drivers on the team so why shouldn’t we be fighting for victories, podiums and championship?

“But on the other hand, I think it has been a surprise for me and a surprise for everybody to see him doing so well and leading the championship at this point. But you know, I have big confidence. We have only done seve races – ten to go. I am very happy with my 48 points and the championship will be decided at the end. I have confidence that I can do it.”