Medal meddling won t improve racing, say Theissen and Kubica

Senior figures at BMW Sauber have rubbished Bernie Ecclestone s proposal to introduce gold, silver and bronze medals for the top three drivers in grands prix. The idea, which would also alter how the world championship is won, was proposed by commercial-rights holder Ecclestone in a bid to spice up competition for the top three positions towards the end of races.

The idea has come under fire from many quarters, and many say it would negatively affect racing down the grid.

“For the midfield teams and those battling it out at the back of the field this move wouldn’t change a lot. It would only become more difficult for them to achieve something,” said BMW Motorsport Director Mario Theissen.

Driver Robert Kubica added his voice to the growing opposition. “I don’t think that it is going to really improve the racing,” said the 24-year-old.

Ecclestone has countered that drivers often seem content to stay in fourth place, instead of challenging for the top positions, which makes for dull finishes to events. Kubica disagreed.

“Many people seem to think that a driver remains in third or fourth because he likes to be there, just to score a lot of points. But believe me, any racing driver will try to pass the one ahead of him if he sees the slightest chance to do so. Drivers always try to win the race.”

Any change to the points system in the sport would be the first since 2003 when world championship points were made available down to eighth place instead of just to sixth. Prior to that, 10 points for a win was awarded for the first time in 1991. A win had previously been worth 9.

Source: BMW Sauber

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