McLaren’s F-duct could be crucial advantage in China – Massa

Felipe Massa has suggested that the McLaren F-duct system, which ‘stall’s the rear wing and creates a straight line speed advantage, may well be a crucial factor in this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix.

The Shanghai track features the longest straight on the calendar, between turns 13 and 14, as well as a long pit straight which Massa believes could benefit his rivals Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

“It’s a nice circuit to drive and the extremely long straight leading into a tight corner means there is a real possibility to overtake. However, we will need to be careful on that straight this year, because we have seen that the McLaren in particular has a very high top speed, so in case of a close battle with them we will have to be careful and ready to defend position,” said the Brazilian.

Lewis Hamilton said that he was looking forward to being able to overtake at the Shanghai track.

“Overtaking is possible at this circuit, particularly at the end of the long back straight, so I’m pretty confident we’ll have another competitive weekend,” he said.

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