McLaren and Mercedes GP among teams forced to change their diffusers

Four teams will be forced to modify their double-decker diffusers, following the closure of a loop-hole by the sport’s governing body.

Although two of the offending teams are not known, Autosport has revealed that both McLaren and Mercedes GP will have to alter the rear end of their cars, ahead of the Australian Grand Prix.

Following discussions over the course of the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend, the FIA has decided to clarify the size of the holes in each diffuser, which allow for access to each car’s starter motor.

Article 3.12.7, located within this season’s technical regulations, states that: “A single break in the surface is permitted solely to allow the minimum required access for the device referred to in Article 5.15. [supposed to refer to starter motor, although this is Article 5.16].”

Prior to this the regulations had failed to specify the maximum dimensions of the starter motor – allowing teams to adopt unusually-shaped holes as part of their diffusers, in a bid to create more downforce.

It is believed that the governing body has now clarified these dimensions and has contacted the teams.