Massa: We Picked The Wrong Strategy

Felipe Massa has said today’s Chinese Grand Prix, where he finished sixth, was one of the best races he has driven recently.

“I’m very, very happy with my performance,” Massa explained to the BBC. “It was the best race for me this year – one of the best compared to last year as well.

“It’s a shame because we could have finished in the top, and it was not possible. We finished the race. I did my best but, it was not enough to make everybody happy, not just me.”

Massa explained that with hindsight, a three-stop strategy was the one to have picked and that it was a shame that he ran a two-stop strategy.
“At the end of the day they [the three-stopped] chose the right strategy. Not just Lewis, four cars together.

“All these cars passed me very easily. Even the guy who dominated the race, which was Sebastian, didn’t win because of his strategy, which was the same as mine.

“It shows that we didn’t pick the right one. My pace on the soft was great, even similar to Sebastian, and we took that as a consideration that maybe we were able to do one less stop.

“Looking at everybody stopping straight away, we took the decision already in the first stint and unfortunately it didn’t work like we expected.”

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