Massa reflects on Silverstone race

Despite Silverstone being one of Massa s best drives so far this season, Massa is still haunted by the race. All looked good for the Brazilian at the start of the race as he qualified in second position. However, just after the warm-up lap, his car stalled and he had to start the race from the pit lane.

After an entertaining drive which saw the Brazilian cut through the field, underlining the superiority of the Ferrari car, Massa finished fifth.

“It might have been one of my best driver, it might have entertained the crowd, but I cannot consider it one of my best races at the moment,” Massa said. “To be honest, I enjoyed the driving and having a very good race starting from the back and ending up in a very strong position.

“It was a very positive result but it was also very negative because of what happened at the start. When I finished the race, even if I had delivered a fantastic performance, I could not be happy. It was a race where I should have been fighting for the win. When you look at the championship situation and how competitive it is this year, then when you see so many points escaping from you, it’s not possible to be happy when you look at things in terms of the championship.

“During the race I could see people in the grandstand waving me on and cheering and after the race many people congratulated me. Even the team greeted me as though it was my best ever result and their reaction was even stronger than if I had won. But the feeling inside was all about the frustration at losing points.”