Maldonado fined for Perez incident

Pastor Maldonado has been fined 10,000 Euro for clashing with Sergio Perez during the British Grand Prix as well as a reprimand.

The British Grand Prix stewards deemed that the Williams driver was guilty of causing a collision and because of the serious nature of the incident, he was given both a fine and a reprimand.

The pair made contact early on in the race whilst fighting for position at Brooklands.

Perez was furious at the Venezuelan driver, calling on the FIA to take action against him.

“I really hope the stewards can make something because the last three or four races he has done something,” Perez commented. “It is not the first time he has damaged my weekend. He did the same with Lewis in Valencia and they gave him a drivethrough – which I think is not enough.

“This guy will never learn if they won’t do something because he is a very dangerous driver and he can hurt someone.”

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