Lotus back on track with redesigned chassis

Lotus is ready to return to the track, after a chassis flaw caused the cancellation of the new E20’s running last week.

Technical director James Allison on Wednesday finally confirmed reports that the problem was with the front suspension mounting. He said the Enstone factory has been a hive of activity as a redesign took place with just one test and less than a month to go until the 2012 season opener.

“It’s been an intense few days,” said Allison, “but I have to say that everybody has completed their tasks in tremendous fashion. “We designed the new parts, manufactured them, and fitted them to the chassis. We then completed the necessary tests satisfactorily and the chassis left for Spain.”

There had been reports the problem was caused by Lotus trying to save weight with innovative carbon techniques, but Allison said the redesigned car is only 1 kilogram heavier.

“It won’t have any significant impact on handling or performance,” he said.


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