Liuzzi: My comments were taken out of context

Vinantonio Liuzzi has moved to clarify remarks he made earlier in the week about his former boss, Gerhard Berger.

It was widely reported that Liuzzi blamed Berger for nearly failing to find an F1 drive for the 2008 season. However Liuzzi has claimed that his comments were taken out of context and that he has no problems with Berger s decision to replace him with Sebastien Bourdais in the Toro Rosso line-up.

Talking to Autosport Liuizzi explained, “The relationship was actually good at the end of the year. For sure the beginning of the season was difficult and there was a little bit of tension, but after that we built up a really good relationship until the end of the season. The results showed everything was going in the right direction.

“Gerhard always had on his mind that he wanted Sebastien Bourdais for 2008. So I think maybe the fact that Sebastian Vettel came after half a year didn’t help me much. But Berger felt he had made a better decision and it was just a shame that I left Red Bull. I’ve no bad feelings about it though.

“For sure, Gerhard and Franz have never been big fans of mine, and they wanted other opportunities for the future. But I don’t regret any moment of my two years with Toro Rosso. There is no conflict at all. Part of the business of F1 is that you come through one door and you go out another. It is always the same in the paddock. We had no fight at all.

“He will always be a friend and that is part of the business. He thought he had a better solution for 2008, and I fully understand that. I have also found myself a good opportunity.

“Definitely my big objective is to be back racing in F1 in 2009. I am putting a lot of effort into that and I feel positive with Force India. They are giving me a lot of chances and a lot of mileage, and we are doing big steps forward together. So that makes me feel positive. I have a lot of positive feelings for the future and I want to give the maximum this year to try and improve the car, because I think 2009 is a time when the team will be able to make a big step forward.”