Liuzzi hoping for 2009 race-seat

Vinantonio Liuzzi has said he is on the lookout for an F1 racing seat. The Italian driver, who has driven for one season at Red Bull and two at Toro Rosso, is currently a test driver for Force India and has said that not being allowed to race is very difficult.

“I would never have thought that one year without racing in F1 would be so tough,” Liuzzi said in an interview with Autosprint magazine.

“To be honest, I feel really bad. This wait is exhausting, watching races but being unable to step into the car.

“But Force India are giving me the opportunity to run plenty of miles and they’ve given me a lot of credibility. We’ve developed several aerodynamic and mechanical solutions, especially Giancarlo and I, who are more experienced than Adrian.”

Liuzzi also explained that the driver market was being driven by Fernando Alonso and his future plans.

“The decisions will be taken around mid-August, and I’m not just talking about Force India – other drivers could become available,” Liuzzi continued. “Everything revolves around Alonso and the market will move once he moves. The team would allow me to leave should I find a race drive elsewhere.”