Limited Edition Sebastian Vettel Inspired Watch

Vettel Casio watch Edifice EQW-M1000SV-1AERTo celebrate Sebastian Vettel s achievement of becoming the youngest ever Formula One race winner at 2008 s Italian Grand Prix, watch maker Casio have created a limited edition watch.

According to Casio, the Edifice EQW-M1000-SV-1AER was created to reflect Vettel s “perfectly timed manoeuvres and near faultless driving.”

Taking inspiration from his current team, Red Bull Racing, the watch is predominantly red, blue and yellow. Encased in solid steel, the Edifice watch features Vettel s signature and logos engraved on it.

Wave Ceptor technology is used to ensure that the watch is always perfectly on time. Wave Ceptor watches receive time signals several times a day from various timing services around the world, most of whom use ultra-accurate atomic clocks. By synchronising these signals, Wave Ceptor watches are able to achieve long-term time accuracy.

The limited edition Vettel watch also features a stopwatch, automated calendar, solar rechargeable power cell and tachymeter. Each watch also comes with a gift package that includes an autographed photograph of Sebastian Vettel and a badge.

Available at the Casio store on Carnaby Street, London, or from jeweller H. Samuel s website, there are just 100 of these unique, collectable watches on offer. Priced at just £350, it is anticipated that they will sell out quickly.

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