Red Bull deny running ‘trick’ suspension system

Red Bull Racing has once again denied suggestions that it is running a ‘trick’ suspension system on its cars and has stated that it would not think twice about protesting against any rivals who chose to run such a device.

The RB6’s superior pace in qualifying has led many within Formula One to question whether the team is using a sophisticated damper system to allow the car to run closer to the ground during qualifying.

Autosport also reports that over the weekend there were suggestions, from the F1 paddock, that the Milton Keynes-based team may may be using compressed gas to push the car down for qualifying and then releasing this gas either through a change in temperature or over a period of time.

However, Red Bull has constantly denied that it is running such a system, with the team being given the all clear following a thorough inspection at Sepang on Saturday by the FIA.  As a result, this has prompted team principal Christian Horner into issuing a warning to other teams which may be keen to introduce such a system themselves.

“We haven’t got one, it is as simple as that,” said Horner.

“If McLaren have one in China we will protest them, because theoretically they are illegal. The FIA had a good look at our car [in Malaysia] on Saturday night and they are happy with it they will struggle to find anything because there simply isn’t anything there.”

Following the ensuing controversy, it has been reported that the FIA are considering allowing teams the right to make a single adjustment to their ride heights between Saturday and Sunday. It is hoped that this would prevent a spending war from breaking out over these costly systems.