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Alonso on Pole?

Fernando Alonso is believed to be on pole position for the Hungarian Grand Prix but the Formula One paddock is currently in a state of confusion due to the loss of the timing screens in the closing stages of Q3.

The third qualifying segment was delayed by an accident involving Felipe Massa who crashed heavily into the tyre wall at Turn 4. Brake marks on the tarmac indicated that the Ferrari driver had some control over his car before the impact, but the undeviating nature of those marks, allied to the high-speed characteristics of that part of the track, triggered concerns about his wellbeing.

Television replays from the car’s onboard camera showed Massa being hit on the head by debris, believed to have come from Ruben’s Barrichello’s Brawn car.

Massa was taken to the circuit medical centre and his car – the front end totally in tact – was loaded onto the back of a lorry and escorted back to the pits.

Massa’s condition is not believed to be serious and Forumula1.com will bring you the latest on his condition when we get the news.

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