Lauda: Older Schumacher took fewer risks

Niki Lauda thinks Michael Schumacher had become too old to succeed at the highest level in F1.

When the seven time world champion made his announcement at Suzuka, he insisted he is “still able to compete with the best drivers of the world”.

“This is something that makes me proud, and this is part of why I never regretted my comeback,” said the great German.

But three-time title winner Lauda, who has joined Mercedes as its new non-executive chairman and was instrumental in Lewis Hamilton’s 2013 signing, is not so sure.

“The older you get,” the Playboy magazine quoted him as saying in German, “the more you think as a driver, acting as an automatic brake inside you, taking away some of the risk.”

Lauda said that, in contrast, younger drivers are in a different stage of their lives, with less experience and responsibility. He said he doubts Schumacher was capable of adding an eighth title to his tally.