Kubica admits road was leading to Ferrari drive

Robert Kubica has dropped a big hint that, were it not for the sad events of early 2011, he might now be Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari teammate.

This weekend, more than 18 months after his horror crash and injuries in a minor rally, the talented Pole is finally back in action. He is driving a Subaru in the Italian Ronde Gomitolo di Lana rally.

“I’d rather be somewhere else, but this is the most active phase of my rehabilitation,” the 27-year-old is quoted by Italy’s Sky Sport. “I hope to get back where I was before but it’s a good achievement to be here, after some difficult and emotional months.

“During this long period, I never gave up,” said the former BMW and Renault driver. “There are still some things that are out of my reach, but with hard work and patience I have tried to recover as much as possible. After everything there is still a long way to go and probably on a physical level I will not be the same as before,” said Kubica.

“For now I am thinking of these (two rally) commitments, which after seeing only hospitals and physiotherapy I am now seeing curves and gasoline.”

As for F1, Kubica is quoted as saying: “I’ve never given percentages and times. I’ll do everything to be in full swing next year and in the next months will decide what to do and if the objective (F1) can be reached or not.

“I’ll try to make a decision in the future, perhaps with the hope to return in 2014, but today I cannot answer,” said Kubica.

Finally, Kubica seemed to confirm rumours that – pre-accident – he was the favourite to replace Felipe Massa, lining up at Ferrari with his friend Fernando Alonso.

“Myself and Alonso would have been a great pair in Ferrari,” he said, “but life has (instead) been a bit different.”


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