Kolles: Customer cars wrong for F1

HRT boss Colin Kolles has revealed he does not support moves to legalise customer cars in F1 On Thursday in Geneva, the F1 Commission will debate a proposal to liberalise the next Concorde Agreement so that the sharing of intellectual property is not so tightly controlled.

Kolles, however, said he would have no interest in buying a complete car for the small Spanish team.

“Formula one is what it is today because of the obligation of each team to own the intellectual property of its own project,” he is quoted by O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper. “It would be a mistake to allow the use of other teams’ projects.”

Kolles said the current system works well for small teams.

“Currently, we engage on the market several enterprises to build the pieces that we ask for, so we do not need to maintain autoclaves or wind tunnels and it (running a team) is not as expensive as before,” he explained.

Jenson Button said allowing customer cars would make it very difficult for those small teams who want to continue to build their own chassis.

“They (would) put all the effort into designing a car over a winter to suddenly be racing against a ‘Red Bull rebadged’ or a ‘McLaren rebadged’ or something,” said the McLaren driver.


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