Kimi: out-and-out strike would never happen

A full blown driver strike over the increased cost of the FIA superlicense would never happen, says Kimi Raikkonen.

Leading Formula One drivers confirmed on Thursday that they are unhappy with the escalating costs of the mandatory FIA superlicences this year and are prepared to boycott the British Grand Prix later this month (see separate story HERE).

Kimi Raikkonen and Robert Kubica were among those in Thursday’s press conference to cool fears of an out-and-out strike, but they acknowledged that the price hike was unfair.

“For sure I support the thing,” said Raikkonen. “I don’t think there is any reason for us to go on strike and not race. A strike is never going to happen, that all the drivers will do it, so hopefully some nice solution will be found someway.”

Kubica said it would be difficult to get unanimous agreement over the problem given that some more experienced drivers, who do not score any points, are unlikely to complain.

“Drivers who have a quick car but are not scoring points do not care because they don’t have to pay,” said the BMW driver. “So I think it will be difficult to get all the drivers to have the same idea. But we are trying to convince the FIA to reduce the costs.”

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