Hill: Do not write Schumacher off

Damon Hill has warned against writing seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher off after a lacklustre season so far.

The 1996 champion, whose battles with Schumacher in the 1994 and 1995 seasons are the stuff of legend, said that Schumacher was still as determined as ever.

”His rightful place is at the front, and when that is the case all is well with the world. That is still where he sees himself.

”But you should never write the guy off. I made that mistake. You just can’t count him out. He is never out.

”He will somehow pull something out of the hat from somewhere, and he is very determined to achieve things.

”He’ll also want to show he can win at the age of 41. He’s still a very young guy. These days 41 is not that old.”

Schumacher has recently seemed to be getting the measure of Nico Rosberg, whose early season had been more impressive than his own.

”I thought he was getting the upper hand there for a while,” said Hill, referring to Schumacher’s battle with Rosberg.